The Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee, funded by the City of Richmond, is an advisory body to Richmond City Council on social, health, and community matters.

The RCSAC brings together a broad and diverse group of government, community, and agency representatives concerned about the social well-being of the community.

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Our Objectives

To advise City Council on social policies and community planning issues.

To identify and address emerging concerns by:

  • Educating the appropriate organizations, government bodies, and community members.

  • Sharing information and providing networking opportunities.

To create awareness of relevant issues, as appropriate, at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government.

To support local, community-based initiatives.

General Meetings:

RCSAC General Meetings occur once each month excluding July and August and are open to the public. For details on attending please contact the RCSAC Secretary.


Social services operating in Richmond are encouraged to consider membership with the RCSAC. Advantages include:

  • Working collectively with other agencies on community issues of mutual importance
  • Opportunities to highlight concerns affecting your agency
  • Access to a large network of representatives from other Richmond social service agencies
  • Voting privileges at RCSAC General Meetings
  • Notification of forums and community events of interest
  • Exposure on the RCSAC website