About the RCSAC

As an advisory body of Richmond City Council, all RCSAC General Meetings are attended by an appointed City Councillor liaison and a City Staff liaison. These individuals assist in communicating our concerns and recommendations to Council as well as maintaining a connection with us throughout the planning and implementation of any social policy.

An Executive Committee oversees operations of the RCSAC. Subcommittees formed around an annual Work Plan are tasked with specific issues on an ongoing basis.

Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee

RCSAC Projects, Activities and Meetings in 2011:

Membership of the RCSAC in 2011 was comprised of 31 social service agencies, serving the Richmond community, as well as an individual member (resident of Richmond), two citizens appointed by the City of Richmond along with a Council Liaison and a City of Richmond Staff Liaison.

Customarily the RCSAC hosts All Candidates Meetings to provide a forum of communication between the candidates and the general public. In anticipation of the 2011 municipal elections All Candidates Meetings were held for the Mayoral/Councillor candidates and the School District Trustee candidates.

The subcommittees of the RCSAC coordinated presentations to the General membership. Presentation topics included: The Richmond Food Security Society on the topic of the Fraser Harvest Box Program. Richmond Children First providing an update on their 2011 project plan. Returning presenters included: the Communications Manager from the 2011 Census and Household Survey whose presentation prompted discussion on counting all residents of a community including those who are homeless, an update on the At Home / Chez Soi research project and an update regarding the Living Wage campaign.

The annual Financial Health Survey was reviewed and updated. The updated survey, now called the Community Social Services Survey, collects information on funding and program / service changes experienced by member agencies. Survey results also indicate the demographics affected by changes in funding and service delivery. The responses to this survey constitute an important body of information included in the RCSAC Annual Report which is provided to committee members and Richmond City Council.

Providing input to various City of Richmond initiatives including a review and recommendations to update the annual Grant Program.

Maintaining open communications with various departments of the local, provincial and federal governments through letters inviting their participation in the affairs of the RCSAC.

Fostering an ongoing sense of community among social service agencies through monthly meetings the RCSAC provides a venue for information sharing and collective problem solving.

A portion of every regular meeting is committed to information sharing, with each member having an opportunity to apprise other members of achievements, current projects and forthcoming events, as well as request or offer support.

Representation with Other City of Richmond Advisory Committees

The RCSAC is currently represented on the following Committees: The Richmond Intercultural Advisory Committee.

The RCSAC currently holds membership from the following Committees: The Richmond Seniors Advisory Committee; Richmond Children First and the Family and Youth Court Committee.